aquila noir

jenn aquila


With a degree in Psychology along with training in applied behavioral analysis, this strong Gemini woman, just naturally brings out the best in all those around her. With a devoted soul, she coordinates with celestial events to focus her energy to channel it into her amazing work.

AQUiLA NOiR is where metaphysical knowledge is poured and mixed with unique blends of oils, herbs, and crystals to create:​

  • Beeswax candles
  • Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter soaps 
  • Natural herb sachets and charms


  • Charm necklaces 
  • Beeswax wax melts

All candles, soaps, sachets, and charms are prepared with a rich and intricate blend of oils, herbs, and crystals to seal the intention/objective for the person receiving these celestial gifts. The intention is based on the energy of the moon and current sky (celestial events and astrology). ​Personalized creations can be made based on a person's astrological birth chart and/or specific intention.​Don't forget to schedule your own tarot card or oracle reading.